Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We are set up very similar to your local Chamber of Commerce. We do accept donations and support from the business community to continue our work and are primarily a educational, networking and business advisory organization.

If you would like to learn more, contact Ronald K. Wills via LinkedIn

NABOE contacts over 2000 CEOs in the region each month who support our programs.

NABOE events are public events but are designed for CEOs and principals of privately held companies. NABOE reserves the right to review registration lists prior to events and to make room for CEOs in the situation where an event is about to sell out.

We do not allow overt solicitation of our participants at events and do not allow promotional material to be placed in the facilities without written approval of NABOE leadership.

Currently, NABOE events are offered throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area. If you would like to view upcoming events, go to: http://naboe.eventbrite.com/

It depends. Most of our events are held at exclusive country clubs in the Washington metropolitan area. The cost for a full sitdown breakfast and overhead is about $35-$40 per person. NABOE does not make money off of the events and typically charges for the cost of the venue and overhead. If you would like to see the cost of upcoming events, go to: http://naboe.eventbrite.com/

NABOE accepts Sponsorships at various levels. We never sell our contact or membership lists to anyone – the privacy of our CEOs is paramont. If you would like to be visible on the site or at events, contact Ronald K. Wills on LinkedIn